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Mount Gambier South Australias Volcanic Wonder

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"Mount Gambier South Australias Volcanic Wonder"

Mount Gambier beckons with its volcanic wonders, picturesque crater lakes, and natural attractions. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this South Australian gem, and explore its unique landscapes, underground marvels, and stunning viewpoints.

Mount Gambier South Australia Volcanic Wonder

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Top Experiences and Tours in Mount Gambier South Australias

Blue Lake

Blue Lake

Marvel at the stunning Blue Lake, a volcanic crater lake renowned for its vibrant cobalt-blue color during the summer months. Enjoy panoramic views from the viewing platform and take a scenic walk around the lake.

Umpherston Sinkhole

Explore the unique Umpherston Sinkhole, a sunken garden created by the collapse of a limestone cave. Discover lush greenery, picturesque ferns, and resident possums that come out to play at dusk.

Valley Lake

Valley Lake

Visit Valley Lake, another beautiful crater lake nestled in a picturesque setting. Take a leisurely stroll around the lake, enjoy a picnic by the water, or try your hand at fishing.

The Blue Lake Circuit

Embark on the Blue Lake Circuit, a scenic walking trail that takes you around the perimeter of the Blue Lake. Experience the changing colors of the lake and soak in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Cave Gardens

Cave Gardens

Admire the enchanting Cave Gardens, a limestone cave opening in the heart of Mount Gambier. Witness the stunning sinkhole and its cascading vines, and learn about the local geology and history.

Centenary Tower

Climb the Centenary Tower for breathtaking panoramic views of Mount Gambier and its surroundings. Capture sweeping vistas of the city, lakes, and volcanic craters from this elevated vantage point.

Engelbrecht Cave

Discover the fascinating Engelbrecht Cave, an underground wonder with guided tours available. Explore the intricate limestone formations, and underground waterways, and learn about the cave's geological significance.

Mount Schank

Venture to Mount Schank, an extinct volcano located just outside of Mount Gambier. Hike to the summit for panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and witness the unique landscape shaped by volcanic activity.

Tantanoola Caves

Take a short drive to the Tantanoola Caves, a series of limestone caves renowned for their stunning formations. Join a guided tour to explore the underground chambers and learn about the cave's history and geology.

Blue Lake Rail Trail

Enjoy a leisurely bike ride or walk along the Blue Lake Rail Trail, a scenic path that follows the route of the old railway line. Take in the natural beauty and tranquility of the surrounding countryside.

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Mount Gambier: A geological marvel with stunning crater lakes, underground wonders, and breathtaking landscapes. Discover the beauty and adventure that awaits in this South Australian gem.


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