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Coffs Harbour Coastal Gem of Natural Splendor

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"Coffs Harbour Coastal Gem of Natural Splendor New South Wales"

Coffs Harbour offers a delightful blend of coastal charm and natural beauty. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or family-friendly attractions, this coastal town has something for everyone.

Explore stunning beaches, encounter marine life, delve into rainforest wonders, and embrace the laid-back lifestyle of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

Coffs Harbour Coastal Gem of Natural Splendor

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Top Experiences and Tours in Coffs Harbour New South Wales.

Big Banana Fun Park

Enjoy family-friendly fun at the Big Banana Fun Park, where you can ride the iconic Big Banana, tackle the water park slides, play mini-golf, and indulge in delicious banana-themed treats.

Coffs Harbour Jetty

Coffs Harbour Jetty Port

Take a stroll along the scenic Coffs Harbour Jetty, soak in the coastal views, and perhaps catch a glimpse of dolphins frolicking in the waters. Visit the marina, explore the shops, and savour fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants.

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve

Embark on a short hike to Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve, home to nesting seabirds and stunning ocean views. Learn about the cultural significance of the island and take in panoramic vistas of the coastline.

Coffs Harbour Beaches

Relax on the pristine beaches of Coffs Harbour, including Park Beach, Jetty Beach, and Diggers Beach. Swim in the azure waters, sunbathe on golden sands, and enjoy a range of water activities like surfing, snorkelling, and kayaking.

Solitary Islands Marine Park

Solitary Islands Marine Park

Explore the underwater wonders of Solitary Islands Marine Park. Dive or snorkel among vibrant coral reefs, encounter an array of marine life and witness the beauty of this protected marine sanctuary.

Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens

Immerse yourself in nature at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens. Wander through lush gardens, admire exotic plants and flowers, and unwind in the peaceful surroundings.

Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Get up close and personal with dolphins, seals, and other marine animals at the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park. Enjoy interactive experiences, watch entertaining shows, and learn about marine conservation.

Sealy Lookout and Forest Sky Pier

Forest Sky Pier

Ascend to Sealy Lookout for panoramic views of Coffs Harbour and the surrounding landscapes. Walk out onto the Forest Sky Pier, a breathtaking platform suspended above the rainforest canopy.

Dorrigo National Park

Venture to nearby Dorrigo National Park and explore its lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and scenic walking trails. Discover the enchanting beauty of the Skywalk, Crystal Shower Falls, and the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

Step into a world of vibrant butterflies at the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House. Wander through tropical gardens, observe colourful butterflies in flight, and learn about their life cycle and importance to the ecosystem.

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Coffs Harbour: Where coastal beauty meets relaxed charm. Enjoy pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and scenic landscapes. Discover the iconic Big Banana, explore nature reserves, and immerse yourself in the region's natural wonders. With its inviting atmosphere and diverse attractions, Coffs Harbour is a coastal gem that captivates visitors with its unique blend of adventure and tranquillity.


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