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10 Best Places to Visit in Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria

Explore Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, where Australian wildlife thrives in a natural habitat. Discover unique animals, conservation efforts, and immersive experiences.

Healesville Sanctuary offers a holistic experience, combining education, conservation, and the wonder of encountering Australia's unique wildlife. It's a place to gain a deeper appreciation for the country's diverse ecosystems and the efforts being made to protect its remarkable animal inhabitants.

"10 Best Places to Visit in Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria: A Sanctuary of Australian Wildlife and Conservation"

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Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria

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Top Hotels in Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria

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Top Experiences and Tours to Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria

Best Places to Visit in Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria:

Australian Wildlife Health Centre

Australian Wildlife Health Centre

Learn about the sanctuary's conservation efforts and witness veterinary care in action.

Koala Forest

Koala Forest

Encounter koalas in a eucalyptus-filled environment that mimics their natural habitat.

Spirit of the Sky

Watch impressive bird of prey displays showcasing the beauty and capabilities of Australia's raptors.

Dingo Country

Dingo Country

Learn about the important role of dingoes in the ecosystem and observe their behavior up close.

Wallaby Walkabout

Wallaby Walkabout

Stroll through this exhibit where wallabies and kangaroos roam freely, allowing for interactive encounters.

Platypus Exhibit

Observe the elusive platypus in a specially designed habitat, complete with underwater viewing areas.


Explore this area to see native waterbirds, frogs, and reptiles in their wetland home.

Tasmanian Bushland

Tasmanian Bushland

Encounter Tasmanian devils and other unique animals from the island state of Tasmania.

Wildlife Hospital Viewing Windows

Gain insights into the care of injured and orphaned wildlife through these educational windows.

Indigenous Experiences

Engage with Indigenous culture and knowledge through various interpretive programs and exhibits.

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Healesville Sanctuary, nestled in the heart of Victoria, is a haven for both wildlife and conservation enthusiasts. Home to a diverse range of Australian animals, this sanctuary offers an opportunity to connect with native species while supporting vital conservation initiatives.


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